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Sometimes people ask why photographers services and/or print prices are so high.

In reality they are not. Everyone can take a photograph on their phone and print it at most supermarkets or many other places. Phone cameras and profesional cameras are a world apart, and the cost is just one example. Typical gear that I take on a shoot can cost thousands of pounds. Together with this I have insurance to protect my gear and subscription to editing software to enable to make an 'acceptable' image into a 'outstanding' image.

I also have travelling costs to consider and if I am doing 'Free' photoshoots, at a Kids soft play center or Babies and Bumps group I have to allow for my time. I am speculating, and presuming that I will take images that I will sell, to pay my hourly rate. Its a gamble for me, and if I am good enough and I get great images it pays off.

I also have many years of experience which enables me to know what I'm doing, quickly and efficiently.

After a shoot I may have 1500 images to sort through, discard the 'not so good' ones and edit the rest. In the typical case of a wedding shoot I may be shooting for 16 hours straight and then editing for 24 hours, a full 24 hours over an amount of days. I then have to create a gallery, enable passwords, create slideshows, image download options, print options, send out a load of emails and update social media.

I, like any small business, have to advertise, insure, run accounts and pay tax. I dont get paid holidays and if I'm sick I dont get paid for that either. Like you, I have to pay rent and buy food and run a car and a household, the list goes on....

So you see, its not an easy job. Enjoyable yes but also tiring and sometimes heart and soul destroying! But that just what life is like for us all sometimes.