Tom Bridge Photography | Kids Portraits

I offer a portrait service of your kids. Unlike other photographer I don't take images of children posed on a cushion in a studio or jumping around with props. My portraits are taken at the speed of life when and wherever we meet. They capture the soul and movement of the subject, un-hindered and with zero constraints. Children can become self-conscious and feel awkward to 'pose', especially for a new face so I aim to meet them on their level (usually by being a bit of a fool!) and capturing them in full flow, as they really 'are'!

As you can see from the slideshow below, most are images of my lovely daughter Tilly, and 95% of them are taken without asking her to even 'look at the camera', this is what I mean. Some of the images have what some may see as 'distracting' objects in the background but life is distracting and my images will always make the subject the main focal point.

An emotive and relaxed image is captured. Kids smile when they are happy or amused and these make the best smiles in my opinion!

I am fully DBS checked through Abercarn Primary School.