Selling your house?

Would you like a better quality set of images to advertise your property?


   I can provide a better selection of photos than your average estate agent can. How you may ask.

   Well, I have better equipment than probably 99% of agents will have. I also have the teqniques and skills in post production to show your house at its best! 


   For example - an image taken of a kitchen diner could look like this 

   Far too bright and ruining the view from outside


   or perhaps like this where you can see the view outside but lose the detail from the inside.


   When taken and processed correctly you can get the following result _D800504-HDR_D800504-HDR   Through a special process of combining images I can show the detail from outside and the detail of inside the property.

  I provide this service from £80. A small price to pay to accurately represent your property for sale.

  Below is a small slide show of other property shots.